Casadei Industria Joins the Ausmach Family

Casadei Industria Automatic Edgebanding Machines will be available in Australia and New Zealand exclusively through Ausmach. Ausmach and Casadei Industria will work together to support the growth and success of local businesses entering the manufacturing industry or looking to expand. To provide further support to Casadei Industria machine holders, Casadei Industria have chosen Ausmach as the Australia and New Zealand authorised service agent for Casadei Industria machines.

Casadei Industria products, including the Alu Ranger and Alu Bender, give businesses the opportunity to accessorise their workshop no matter their budget, without compromising on quality. Offering versatile and reliable machines, the Casadei Industria products will help Ausmach to diversify the Australian and New Zealand market, giving customers the opportunity to choose products that will benefit their individual needs.

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